I love being outside. I love to garden. I love being creative.

My passion for gardening didn’t start until I was in my 20’s and was backpacking around Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. I loved seeing what was growing so big and bountiful in each region. I loved the different fragrances in each country and the different colours and textures. I admired how each storefront had such cool displays and perfectly designed planters outfront. It wasn’t until I ended my 20 year career in sales that I finally decided to follow my passion.

I took various gardening courses including the Residential Landscapers program at Burnaby College, attended many lectures and worked in one of Vancouver’s leading nurseries -- all of which has all brought me to where I am today.  

Now I’ve made a career of refreshing yards, designing deck spaces and being creative with plants. 

This excitement for giving plants a new home in gardens and containers is at the heart of my work and something that inspires each new project.

Modpots is a small space garden design company specializing in fun and creative containers. Container gardening is now more popular than ever, it’s like adding a fabulous pair of shoes to a great outfit. Whether its a seasonal change like Christmas or Easter -- changing up your planters is such a cool way to bring expression to your garden. Finding the right containers is often a challenge... let me help you achieve the look you want.

Contact me today, I can't wait to help you jazz up your outdoor space.

Jennifer Lasko, Designer

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